Mit unserer Reihe "Love Your Bartender" stellen wir befreundete Barkeeper aus Deutschland & der Welt vor.

Diese Woche: 
Jay Hutch, No Sleep Club Singapur

How did you get in to the bar scene? 
I started in the bar scene, by accident. I was helping out one of my best friends, who needed some service crew on a weekend where they were short on staff. That one weekend, became the longest weekend of my life; I then spent 4 years there before deciding this was what I wanted to get into. It's now been almost a decade. 

Which Niemand product is your favorite?
Gin, that was the first product I tasted, and got me into your world, haha. Thanks so much for the Vodka as well, I love that packaging and bottle!

Jay's “Niemand perfect serve":

- 45ml Niemand Gin
- 10ml Housemade Pickle Juice 
- 10ml Dry Vermouth